An undated picture of Anders Behring Breivik, the man who allegedly shot down over 80 people in a Norway summer camp Image Credit: Supplied

The Norwegian suspect in the double attacks that left at least 92 dead described himself as a fundamentalist Christian, said police, as evidence emerged that he had flirted with the political far-right.

The 32 year old, previously unknown to police, was arrested Friday. Local media have identified him as Anders Behring Breivik, whose picture on his Facebook page shows a man with longish blonde hair and piercing eyes.

The posting lists his religion as "fundamentalist Christian" and his political opinions lean "to the right", police said. "He has certain political traits that lean to the right and are anti-Muslim but it is too early to say if that was the motive for his actions," police commissioner Sevinung Sponheim told public television NRK.

Breivik bought six tonnes of fertiliser before the massacres, the supplier said yesterday. Oddny Estenstad, a spokeswoman for agricultural supplier Felleskjopet, confirmed yesterday that the suspect in custody purchased fertiliser 10 weeks ago.