Stock crime police jailed
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: An Egyptian woman has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for killing her husband and cutting off his genitals, Egyptian media reported.

The crime dates to May last year, when Egyptian villagers found a beheaded body wrapped in a blanket on one of the streets of Imbaba, a neighbourhood in northern Giza, Egypt.

Residents of the neighbourhood who spotted the body could not identify the victim as his head was missing. A police team was dispatched to the scene after they were alerted. The police arrested the wife of the victim after reviewing the surveillance cameras installed in the area.

On interrogation, the woman admitted to killing her husband because of his mistreatment and that she was tired of living with him for several years. She told the police that her husband used to take sexual stimulants, and repeatedly asked her to have unnatural sex. When she refused, he used to beat her up severely until she fulfilled his desires.

“I brought a knife and cut my husband’s throat like a sheep while he was asleep until I separated his head from his body. Then I cut off his genitals. All the while my children were asleep. Then I threw his head in a landfill. Later i wrapped his body in a blanket and placed it in front of a workshop,” the perpetrator said.