Samira Nusairat with her son Mo’ath after the graduation ceremony. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: A Jordanian woman and her son have graduated from Yarmouk University where they received a master’s degree with distinction in Education (school administration) on the same day, local media reported.

Samira Nusairat, a mother of six, decided to return to school to study with her son, Mo’ath, after he failed in the general secondary school exam to encourage him.

Samira said: “I got married when I was 15 but I’ve never given up my dream of continuing my education.”

She noted that the decision to get back to school when her son failed in general secondary school exam paid off.

Mo’ath said: “I have the most beautiful memories of my mother and me sitting next to each other in lecture halls during our years of studying.”

They both passed the exam and joined the same college at the Yarmouk University in Irbid, north of Amman. They studied the same major with same subjects.

After obtaining their bachelor’s degree, Samira and her son decided to pursue education and registered in the master programme in the same major.

They recently received the master’s degree at the university. Samira and Mo’ath dream of continuing their education together until they get a PhD degree.