Dubai: The Syrian opposition yesterday warned Russia, China and Iran that their continued support for the Bashar Al Assad regime could affect their future interests in Syria.

In a communique published on the Syrian Revolution's Facebook page, the Union of Coordination Committees of Syrian Revolution said that people will not forgive the governments that support the Al Assad regime.

Russia yesterday warned that "terrorist organisations" could spawn in Syria if the Al Assad regime fell.

The Syrian Ambassador to the Arab League yesterday rejected the Arab League's condemnation of the crackdown against protesters. According to Gulf News sources Yousuf Ahmad accused Arab countries of succumbing to western pressure.

Meanwhile, at least 10 people were killed yesterday as Syrian forces conducted a massive sweep in the northeast.

One of the towns targeted was Ablin, the hometown of Lt Col Hussain Harmush, the first military officer to publicly desert the regime.

He managed to leave Syria and leads the Brigade of Free Officers, a group of dozens of officers who have deserted the regime.