Stock crime police jailed
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: A Jordanian pharmacist has been sentenced to one month in jail after he was caught begging to allegedly fill up the fuel tank of his Dodge Charger, local media reported.

According to court papers, an athlete filed a case against the “beggar pharmacist”, saying that the beggar had seen him withdrawing money from an ATM in Amman.

“While sitting in his car, the beggar called me out and begged for JD5 dinars (Dh26) because his vehicle had run out of gasoline, claiming that he has had no job since 4 months. I gave him JD10 instead,” the athlete said, adding “a while later, I was surprised to see the beggar stopping another vehicle. I rushed to that car and asked the driver why the beggar had stopped him. He said that the beggar was asking for JD7 to fill up his empty tank.”

As the beggar saw the two men conversing, he fled the scene. But the athlete had taken down the number of his car, and filed a case with police. 

Accordingly, the police launched investigation into the incident and arrested the beggar, who was found guilty and therefore sentenced to one month in jail.