Ramallah: The Palestinian National Initiative said on Monday that 85 per cent of the world recognises the Palestinian national rights, calling for an immediate boycott of Israeli products.

Addressing a press conference here, Dr Mustafa Al Barghouti, Secretary-General of the Initiative, said that Israeli products worth $3 billion are sold in the Palestinian Territories.

"We know all Palestinians cannot get to the streets to protest against the Israeli occupation, colonial activities, construction of the apartheid wall and Judization of Occupied Jerusalem. However, every Palestinian can boycott the Israeli products," he said.

He said that the Palestinian confrontation with Israel at the UN is all about making a choice between an independent state with permanent borders with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital and a cantons-state with temporary borders reached through impotent and useless negotiations during which Israel has accelerated its colonial activities and constructed the apartheid wall and judised Occupied Jerusalem.

"We are living in a time with tremendous changes in favour of the Palestinian cause, but more change should be made on the ground," he said, calling on the Palestinians to get actively involved in the public non-violent resistance.

"The Palestinian UN bid should be a strategic move not a tactical one in order to maximise the loss of the Israeli occupation," he said.