Illustrative image. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: An Egyptian man, who was sentenced to death for killing his three children with help of his two wives, died in prison before the death penalty could be carried out, local media reported.

The man and his two wives, including the mother of the two boys and girl, were found guilty of killing the three children by drowning them in a bucket filled with water.

On February 28, the Cairo Criminal Court handed Ahmed, Hala and Iman, the death penalty after convicting the trio of premeditated first degree murder. According to court papers, the father committed the ghastly crime after the second wife, who did not have children, made him sceptical about his children’s lineage. The mother of the children was also involved in the crime and found guilty.

The court referred the papers of the three convicts to Egypt’s Mufti for approval before the execution. The shocking crime, described by Egyptian media as 'Al Marj Massacre', took place in 2017. Media did not mention how he died.