Cairo - More than 1,000 Muslim scholars and clerics have endorsed a major charter, officially dubbed the “Makkah Document” rejecting all forms of racism and celebrating human equality, tolerance and diversity.

The historic document was approved at the end of a keynote four-day conference on moderation values organised by the Muslim World League in Makkah earlier this week.

The signatories state humans are from one origin and that they are equal. Differences in beliefs, cultures and ways of thinking are a divine wisdom, which should be handled in such a way that it leads to universal peace, according to the instrument.

The scholars, from 139 countries, contend in the document the world’s religious and cultural diversity should not be a reason for conflict and showdown. “Rather, it should encourage positive, civilisational partnership and active interaction that makes diversity a bridge for dialogue, understanding and cooperation to the benefit of all.”

The charter emphasises the importance of dialogue as the best way to achieve “sound understanding” with others, define common factors and overcome obstacles to co-existence.

It calls for enacting “deterrent” laws against hatred propagators and incitement to violence, terrorism and clash of civilisations. It also exhorts efforts to combat terrorism, injustice, oppression and human rights abuses, describing this combat a “collective duty”.

It condemns attacks on places of worship, calling it a “criminal act” which demands tougher legislation and firm confrontation of ideas motivating such assaults.

The charter proposes setting up an “active global alliance” to stop devastation, pointing out that terrorism is an outcome of civilisational shortcomings.

Commenting on Islamophobia, the document notes that the trend is an outcome of ignorance of real Islam and its lofty objectives, calling for an objective view of Islam unaffected by transgressions committed by phony Muslims.

“Personal freedom,” the document says, “does not warrant infringement of human values or destroying social systems.”

A copy of the Makkah Document was handed to Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz at a ceremony in the sacred city held late Wednesday.