Amr Diab 2
Egyptian singer Amr Diab’s concert will be held in the coastal city of Aqaba next month. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Jordanian man has reportedly divorced his wife following a dispute over attending a concert for the Egyptian popular singer Amr Diab.

According to media reports, the man is said to have taken a loan from an aid institution in his wife's name, promising to buy her a piece of gold. However, the wife was later surprised to see he had bought two tickets to the Egyptian signer’s concert, which will be held in the coastal city of Aqaba next month.

This has led to a heated argument between the couple, which ended up in the man divorcing his wife. It is not known if the husband purchased the tickets for him and his wife, or for someone else who could accompany him to the concert.

According to sources, 4,000 tickets were sold for the Amr Diab concert, divided into three sections. The man bought tickets worth $400 each.

It is also reported that the tickets allocated for the concert has run out in just 15 minutes of being released although the high ticket prices for Diab’s concert sparked controversy and uproar on social media, especially as the Jordanian society is suffering from economic distress and growing rates of poverty together with unemployment.

The famous Egyptian singer is scheduled to perform, a concert in the city of Aqaba in mid-October.