File picture: King Abdullah of Jordan. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Jordan’s Court of Appeal on Wednesday overturned a one-year jail term previously issued against a woman on charges of insulting the King, local media reported.

King Abdullah II of Jordan called Athar Al Dabbas, who was jailed for saying: “My father is better than the King and the whole world”. The King told her: “You should be proud of your father.”

The woman’s case sparked controversy on social media after she was sentenced to one year in prison for insulting the King.

In its ruling, the Court of Appeal said that Al Dabbas was “not responsible” and was not guilty, as she did not mean to offend the King or undermine his dignity in any form.

On her account on Facebook, Al Dabbas said she felt proud to receive a call from the King on Wednesday.

She continued, noting that King Abdullah told her to remain in high spirits, adding that she is “proud of His Majesty the King as the father of every Jordanian man and woman.”

According to the Human Rights Watch’s World Report 2019 regarding Freedom of Expression, “Jordanian law criminalises speech deemed critical of the King, foreign countries, government officials and institutions, and Islam, as well as speech considered to defame others.”