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Illustrative image. Image Credit: Faseeh Fawaz/Gulf News reader

Dubai: Jordan’s Ministry of Awqaf issued a circular to pullout copies of the Holy Quran found to be containing printing mistakes, state-run news agency Petra reported last week.

Abdullah Al Aqil, an official at the ministry, said the copies had not been approved or permitted by the ministry as they entered the Kingdom along with arrivals from abroad.

“These copies were released by publishing houses abroad and have been found to have printing errors and some of the verses are missing,” he said.

Al Aqil called on imams of mosques, preachers and officials of Quran institutes to find and collect the copies to be disposed.

He said the ministry had inspected some of the copies and found that there were printing errors in Surah An Nisa and Al Anfal, while some parts of Surah Ash-Shu’ara were missing.

The ministry has contacted publishers to ask for the correction of the errors, he added.

Al Aqil said the locally-printed copies or the imported ones are usually examined and verified by three experts to make sure there are no errors before giving permission for circulating and distributing them.