201008 Jordan PM
Jordan Prime Minister-designated Bisher Hani Al Khasawneh Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Wednesday designated Bisher Hani Al Khasawneh to form a new government, according to a statement by the Royal Court.

The new government will replace the outgoing government of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz.

Three days ago, King Abdullah accepted the resignation of Razzaz and dissolved the parliament after the end of its four-year tenure.

Born in 1969, the new prime minister-designate, who has a PhD in law from London School, is a veteran diplomat and politician, who held several official posts. He served as the advisor to King Abdullah for Communication and Coordination at the Royal Court. He also served as the advisor to King Abdullah for policies until his assignment.

He was a Minister for Legal Affairs between 2017 and 2018 and a Minister of Foreign Affairs between 2016 and 2017.

Al Khasawneh was a former ambassador of Jordan to Egypt, France, Kenya, Ethiopia, African Union, League of Arab States, and to UNESCO.

He also served as Coordinator General and Director of the Peace Process and Negotiations Bureau in Jordan.