Ramallah: Israel’s higher court rejected an attempt by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to explore ways to legalise outposts and homes in colonies built on private Palestinian land.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein said Monday that a committee commissioned earlier by the Prime Minister would be limited to reviewing agricultural properties and administrative procedures.

Israeli MP Benny Begin attacked the committee for attempting to steal land for colonisation purposes. Netanyahu seemed to be under pressure from right wing ministers in his cabinet to form such a committee.

“Israel doesn’t need a committee to review what should or should not be built. It is fully aware all of its colonies are illegal,” Hanna Eisa, an international law expert told Gulf News.

To categorise Palestinian land as privately owned or agricultural is their way of trying to legalize colonization, he explained.

“The West Bank, Occupied East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip are considered occupied lands according to international law and Israel has no right to take over any piece of land,” he said.