Occupied Jerusalem: The Israeli army said Monday it had carried out further air raids against Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip.

Planes and helicopter gunships raided Hamas positions, the statement said.

The latest raids follow strikes by the Israeli army on two Hamas posts on Sunday.

The Gaza border has been relatively calm in recent weeks after a deal in which Israel allowed Qatar to provide millions of dollars in aid for fuel and salaries in the blockaded enclave.

Israel claims that the strikes were in response to an explosive device attached to multiple balloons which was launched on a model airplane from Gaza into Israel.

A Hamas security source said one strike occurred east of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip and hit an observation point for Hamas’s armed wing, while the second was east of Gaza City.

The security source said no injuries had been reported.

Israel has launched three assaults on Gaza since 2008.

Since March, protests and clashes have occurred along the Gaza border fence.

Protesters have been calling for Palestinian refugees to be allowed to return to their former homes now inside Israel.

At least 240 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli snipers since the demonstrations began.