The Israeli parliament’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved a bill on Tuesday that prevents the early release of Palestinian prisoners accused of killing Israelis, one day before the dissolution of the Knesset.

The new law would prohibit Palestinians in Israeli prisons from having their sentences shortened by one-third, as other prisoners.

The Knesset began the customary practice of “clearing the table” on Tuesday, before its dissolution.

The law that was passed on Tuesday was put forward by the hardline right wing, Anat Berko who, while speaking to the media, said: “The law prohibits shortening the prison term for terrorists”.

Adding that “Shortening prison time is a catalyst for rehabilitation, and terrorists do not deserve this incentive. They are proud of their actions, there is no remorse for them and they have to endure their punishment to the end. "

The bill, proposed was approved by 27 members and was opposed by 6.