The photo that kicked up a controversy in Iraq: Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama (left) with Haider Al Adhari and Maysam Al Rubaie.

Dubai: The Iraqi ambassador to Jordan, Haider Al Adhari, has been recalled following the controversial photos of his wife with the Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama, Iraqi media reported.

According to the Iraqi “Rudaw” network, Al Adari announced that he would leave Amman, return to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs centre in Baghdad, in an announcement that marked the end of his work as an ambassador to Jordan.

In a statement, Al Adhari said: “I had a great honour to represent Iraq for 6 consecutive years as an extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to the Russian Federation (three years) and Jordan (three years) with a non-resident representation in both (Belarus and Palestine). It is time to return to the ministry centre in Baghdad.”

Al Adari will leave Amman on September 26, according to Rudaw.

Earlier last month, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it intends to take measures concerning the images that went viral on social media of the Iraqi ambassador to Jordan and his wife with Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama.

In a statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmad Al Sahaf said: “We are following, with great interest, what has been circulated on social media, including images of the ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The ministry draws the attention of the media and public opinion to the fact that it will take appropriate measures in this regard and as soon as possible, in a manner that enhances the values of Iraqi diplomacy.”

Ambassador Adhari and his wife had been widely criticised after the pictures with the Lebanese star spread online. Many found the pictures “inappropriate,” as many Iraqis are sensitive to these kinds of images and believe them to be “indecent.”

The controversy began when Ragheb Alama tweeted photos from the meeting with the caption: “I thank His Excellency the Iraqi Ambassador to Jordan, Mr. Haider Mansour Al Adhari and his wife, Mrs. Maysam Al Rubaie, for being generous, for their wonderful hospitality, and for welcoming and receiving me kindly. Meeting you in this intimate atmosphere that’s full of love and joy was a delight.”