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Cairo: An Iraqi man had shot dead his wife with a Kalashnikov rifle near the capital Baghdad, a local news portal reported.

The suspect had fired shots Saturday at the woman in their house in the district of Al Wahda, south of Baghdad, after an unspecified dispute, Al Sumaria News added, quoting a security source.

“The killer was arrested and kept in custody. He frankly admitted to having committed the crime,” the source added, without specifying the motive for the murder. The ages of the couple were not revealed.

In recent months, Iraq has seen a series of incidents of family violence.

Last month, a 20-year-old Iraqi woman was stabbed to death near a bridge in Baghdad in a crime that sparked an outcry in the country as a chilling reminder of rising violence against females.

Later, police arrested her brother, accusing him of being the murderer due to a family row.

In May, an Iraqi doctor shot dead his wife during a dispute in the northern governorate of Kirkuk.

Experts blame a perceived upsurge in domestic violence in Iraq on economic woes compounded by an outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic after years of a devastating fight against Daesh terrorists in the country.