Marwa and Wael in an undated photo. Image Credit: Al Arabiya

Cairo: Since her husband’s death more than three months ago, an Egyptian widow has been making daily visits to his grave where she has developed a habit of writing down about her feelings towards him in brief passionate notes on the wall.

“Despair has taken hold of me about your return, but I’ll keep waiting for you. Pray for me I wouldn’t commit suicide,” Marwa, 45, says in one note, addressed to her late husband, named Wael.

In the past few days, the woman has riveted social media attention and praised as an example of marital faithfulness after a marriage of eight years.

Writings on the tomb by the widow showing her attachment to her late husband. Image Credit: Social media

“The earth has not seen a man like Wael. No other woman saw a caring man than the one I lived with. He was like an angel,” Marwa told Egyptian news portal Al Qahera 24.

The grief-stricken widow recounted his kindness to her and their parents. “I am not beautiful, but he used to make me feel I’m the prettiest woman in the world,” she recalled.

“He would also serve food every morning to his sick mum and would cheer her up so that she would eat. After she did, he would start taking his breakfast.”

The husband, who was a government employee, died of heart problems. “He has not died deep within me. Every day, I go to his grave and write for him details of my daily life as I used to tell him when he was alive,” the woman said.

“I can’t do anything without telling him even If I plan to go to any place.”

She said her diary is the only thing keeping her alive.