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Dubai: A 48-year-old Egyptian man has allegedly slit the throat of his 38-year-old wife and set his father-in-law on fire for filing a divorce case against him after he abandoned his family three years ago, local media reported.

The mother-of-three is said to have filed the case with the family court after her husband left his family for three years without paying her any maintenance, which forced the woman to live with her father.

According to media reports, the man wanted to reunite with his family on the first day of Ramadan, yet the woman refused to go back with him, which infuriated him. So he decided to take revenge on his wife by killing her and her 70-year-old father. He is said to have brought a gallon of gasoline and a knife the next day. When he entered his in-laws house, he found his father-in-law praying. He stabbed him to death, then poured gasoline on his body and set him on fire.

He then rushed to the second floor of the house and attacked his wife and slit her throat, killing her on spot.

He was on the run for a while but the police arrested him after a manhunt.