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Cairo: A housewife, found dead in a Cairo suburb, was allegedly killed by her brother and uncle in an act of so-called honour killings, local media reported.

The body of the 22-year-old woman was found in the area of October 6 west of Cairo.

Police investigations revealed that the woman’s brother and her maternal uncle had killed her after discovering she got pregnant out of wedlock.

After arrest, the two suspects admitted to the murder, saying the woman had a two-month pregnancy although her husband has been away from Egypt for two years and has not since returned home.

“My sister married three years ago and stayed with him for some time in the area of October 6,” private newspaper Al Masry Al Youm quoted the brother as saying. “After her husband travelled to work abroad, we asked her to go and live with her mother in Menufia [north of Cairo], but she refused,” he added.

When the woman fell ill, they took her to a doctor and purportedly found her pregnant. “We decided to get rid of her in collaboration with my uncle,” added the brother.

Local prosecutors ordered both men remanded pending further interrogation.