Image Credit: Twitter/IANS

Abu Dhabi: An Egyptian youngster had his death date accurately predicted on the number plate of the car he was driving.

Abdullah Zizo, 19, was killed in a tragic traffic accident in Egypt’s Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, while driving a 4WD belonging to his brother. The vehicle had a number plate that reflected the young man’s dying hour, date and month, local media reported.

Moody Mounir, a friend of the deceased, said Abdullah did not drive his car on the night of the accident, as he borrowed his brother’s 4WD, with a number plate that read ‘SIA 9259’. His death occurred at 9pm, on the 25th of September (the ninth month of the year).

Mounir wrote on his Facebook account, “Goodbye, my friend, it was as if your destiny was written on the car’s number plate.”