Abu Dhabi: Wounded Palestinians finally passed through the Rafah crossing into Egypt yesterday as medical aid went in the other direction to the devastated Gaza Strip.

Three injured people have crossed at the only Gaza exit point which does not lead to Israel and around 30 wounded Palestinians in all were expected to enter Egypt on Monday.

Mayssaa Chaltaf, a Palestinian refugee who was born and raised in Lebanon and who has lived in Abu Dhabi for the past 26 years, feels the Egyptian government should play a larger role in assisting the injured Palestinians in Gaza by accommodating more numbers through the Rafah crossing.

"Palestine needs more assistance from its neighbouring country Egypt. Sending medical equipment and aid isn't enough, we need to hospitalise the injured, and cannot do that with the borders closed," said Chaltaf.


However Egyptian designer, Wessam Mahmoud, 26, disagrees and feels the Palestinians are misguided.

"In the past, Egypt has suffered many wars with Israel and barely took Sinai back, so the government is trying to help as much as it possibly can."

Mahmoud forsees an upcoming problem between the Egyptian and Palestinian leaders if the Rafah border is to open freely.

"The attack is meant to lead Palestinians to Egypt, where they are kept away from their own land."

- with inputs from agencies