20201110 shooting
The victim's daughter said: "As soon as my dad came home, he was shot six times in the chest by my grandfather. He died in less than 40 seconds." Picture used for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A 65-year-old Egyptian millionaire reportedly killed his son by shooting him six times in the chest following a dispute over a staircase lamp, local media reported.

According to the victim’s daughter, her grandfather tried to get her 45-year-old father in trouble with police many times after both were in constant disagreement over family matters.

“On the day of the crime, I heard my aunt and grandfather planning something while my father was away. I immediately called my father to warn him, but he reassured me and said don’t worry. As soon as my dad came home, he was shot six times in the chest by my grandfather. He died in less than 40 seconds,” the victim’s daughter said, adding that her grandfather is stingy, tough and used to threaten the neighbours with his gun.

She went on to say: “My grandfather kicked us out of our home while I was in high school in 2017. He was always in disagreement with my father and uncles, and only loved my aunts. After some time, we returned home and my grandmother moved to live with us due to the same problem - my grandfather’s cruelty.

"She was sick and passed away last Eid. While she was sick, she needed treatment, and my father could not afford the expenses. He asked my grandfather many times to help with the treatment but he refused. This prompted him to file a maintenance case against him.

"Accordingly, the competent court ordered my grandfather to pay my grandmother 300 Egyptian Ppounds (Dh70) every month to help in her treatment. And since then, my grandfather changed completely. He started stirring up trouble with my father, the last of which was about the staircase lamp.

“My dad had installed a staircase lamp but my grandfather objected although my father said he would pay for the electricity consumed by the lamp. Following this trivial dispute, my grandfather took out his gun and shot my father twice, killing him on spot. Although he was dead, he continued shooting him repeatedly, firing six bullets in total."

The victim’s sons immediately reported the case to Cairo police, who rushed to the scene and arrested the suspect. He was referred to the Public prosecution, which ordered his arrest for 15 days pending investigation.