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Dubai: A jilted medical student has been arrested for allegedly killing her lover in Egypt after he refused to marry her following their illicit sexual affair, local media reported.

The crime came to light when the family of the victim, who is also a university student, reported his disappearance to police. Police suspected that the young man’s lover might have something to do with his disappearance. On interrogation, the young woman admitted to killing her lover because he rejected her after an intimate relationship.

She said that she has been in a romantic relationship with the victim for a while, and their friends knew about it. Their relationship further developed into a sexual relationship, and when she asked him to marry her, he turned her down.

The accused added that she took advantage of a financial dispute between the victim and her 20-year-old friend as the victim borrowed a sum of money from him. She convinced her friend to lure the victim to a remote place where they slit his throat with a knife, killing him instantly.

It is reported that the victim had several verbal altercations with the girl before the killing. Investigations revealed that the murdered student is a relative from the mother’s side to the suspect and she came to Egypt to study medicine at a public university.