File picture: Train tracks in Cairo, Egypt. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: Egyptian security and railway authorities are on the search for a young man who appeared in a viral video lying beneath a moving train.

The video showed the young man lying beneath the moving train and then celebrating with friends.

Speaking during the ‘On My Responsibility’ talk show, Egyptian Minister of Transportation Kamel Al Wazir said the young man was wanted by police and railway authorities.

The minister added the behaviour of some youths could cause catastrophes, giving another example of two young people who jumped from a pedestrian bridge on to a train.

He clarified that the authority has monitored such behaviour since the collision of two trains in Sohag that left 20 people dead and 199 others injured.

Egypt’s Public Prosecution revealed that drivers and co-drivers of the two trains that collided on March 26 were responsible.

The investigations showed that the two drivers, assistants, and signaling tower employees were involved in the accident, which resulted in financial casualties estimated at more than 25.8 million Egyptian pounds.