Stock crime police jailed
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Dubai: An Egyptian man has been sentenced to five years in jail for slapping his wife, causing her permanent disability, local media reported.

According to Al Ahram newspaper, a heated argument erupted between the couple that ended up in the man beating his wife and slapping her in the face. The woman is said to have lost her sight in the left eye.

She has reportedly filed a case against her husband, and the Cairo Criminal Court has found him guilty. It has therefore sentenced him to five years in prison.

In yet another shocking crime, a young man slit the throat of a trader with a knife while performing Friday prayers inside a mosque in a village in Daqahliya Governorate.

Marwan Habib, head of the Daqahliya Security Directorate, received a report stating that a person had been slaughtered inside the Sultan Mosque in the village of Mit Sudan, during Friday prayers.

According to the initial investigation, the victim, Al Sherbiny Awad Al Metwaly Al Khawaga, died of his wounds after a young man killed him with a bladed weapon inside the mosque.

It is not yet clear why the man committed the crime, but the alleged murderer is now under investigation and more information is expected to be announced by authorities.