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Dubai: A 6-year-old Egyptian girl has been stabbed and strangled to death after the assailant failed in his attempt to rape her, Egyptian media reported.

The 30-year-old grocery owner is said to have kidnapped the little girl to rape her when she came to his shop. When his attempts to rape her failed, fearing his deed will be exposed, the man stabbed the little girl multiple times before strangling her to death.

The crime came to light when the family of the girl, who along with their neighbours spent the night looking for her,  reported her disappearance to the police. The next morning, the victim’s sister found a sack in front of their house and was shocked to see the girl's body covered in blood in it.

Her neighbours rushed to the sound of her screams and called the local police. Despite reviewing the surveillance cameras installed in the neighbourhood the police couldn’t find evidence pointing to the killer.

However, the victim’s friend helped police find the suspect when she told them that a grocery owner in their neighbourhood asked her to get him a sack in exchange for 2 Egyptian pounds. Once confronted with what the victim’s friend said, the assailant admitted to killing the girl.

“I touched her body and tried to undress her. However, she refused and started screaming. Fearing the girl would expose me, I decided to kill her. I stabbed her before strangling her to death. When I made sure she is dead, I put her in a sack and threw it in front of her family’s house,” the man said in his confession.

The suspect has been arrested and will be referred to the public prosecution.