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Dubai: The dream of an Egyptian boy to return to school has come true after a video of an interview with the boy, went viral on social media plat-forms.

The video, which carried the interview with Saber, was posted by Arabic language Al Dostor newspaper on Saturday. Saber said he wishes to return to school he left so that he could work and earn bread for his mother and brothers.

In quick response, Dr. Ahmad Al Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar Al Sherif, issued his instructions to the Al Azhar institution to study Jaber’s social con-ditions and helped him return to school and provide his family with a monthly finan-cial support.

“I wish to be rich and go back to school I left when I was in grade 4, Saber said in a reply to a question: What would you ask if you got the Genie from the Magical Lamp of Aladdin?

Saber added: “My poor living conditions do not help me to return to school and com-plete my education. I wish to go back to school but I cannot do so as I am the sole breadwinner in my family, which is consisted of my mother and brothers.”

Saber said he was studying in Al Azhar. He used to sell tissue papers in the vicinity of the Russian Cultural Centre in Daqki, and his family lives in the village of Abu Al Nimras.

Immediately after Al Dostor circulated the video on its Social media platforms, twit-ter users launched the Arabic hashtag #Saber Must Return, which was number one trending topic across Egypt in the past 24 hours.

Twitter users praised the Grand Imam for his rapid intervention to help Saber con-tinue his education and help his family through life burden