Ramallah: An Israeli military court has postponed until March 4 the case of Hanaa Yahya Shalabi, a high profile Palestinian woman prisoner who has been on hunger strike for the past 14 days.

The session which was was supposed to sentence Hanaa to six months administrative detention was postponed after the judge granted the prosecution to submit a "secret file".

Inspired by Khader Adnan who went on a hunger strike for 66 continuous days, Hanaa has also gone on hunger strike protesting against her administrative detention.

Jawad Bolus, who heads the Legal Unit of the Palestinian Prisoner Club, said that Hanaa appeared pale and exhausted in court.

The prosecution says that Hanaa poses a danger to Israeli national security, claiming that Hanaa has planned an operation after she was released in the Shalit prisoner swap deal.

Several public protests are planned this week to express solidarity with Hanaa's "illegal and arbitrary" detention.

Palestinians plan to strike for two days on a weekly basis and plan to escalate to five days if Israel does not respond positively to the demands of the Palestinian prisoners.

Approximately 310 Palestinians are being held in Israeli prisons on administrative detetion, meaning they have not been officially charged with committing a crime.

On Thursday, the prisoners will begin a boycott of Israeli courts.

"They detainees will not attend the court hearings scheduled to confirm or renew administrative detentions," Eisa Qaraqei, the Palestinian Minister of Detainees' Affairs told Gulf News.

Several meeting are being planned to form a united Palestinian position on Israeli administrative detention and the international human rights organizations will also be asked to escalate the matter.