Beirut: Because of haphazard urban development, Lebanon’s capital faces a horrendous parking shortage, something that Beirut governor, Ziad Chebib, has promised to fix on numerous occasions, but to no avail.

But private company, Ayoub Beainou and Sons Company [ABSC], has decided to take up the challenge.

The company is proposing a futuristic solution — a tall, automated rotary system for parking cars, much like a ferris wheel.

First used in South Korea, the system can accommodate around 8 to 10 cars on palettes that are lifted high into the air and are stacked on top of each other.

The design has become popular in major urban centres around the world due to the fact that it takes up minimal ground space by hoisting the vehicles up vertically.

In the past, Chebib proposed to encourage underground parking facilities as a central component of his long-term plans to help solve traffic and parking problems.

That solution fell by the wayside as powerful landlords resisted the move because of the massive revenue they receive by renting out underground spaces to warehousing companies.