Ramallah: Hundreds of Israeli colonists blocked the roads connecting the northern cities of the West Bank on Monday and hurled stones on vehicles driven by Palestinians in a revenge move after the Israeli Army evacuated several illegal houses in an Israeli outpost near Nablus.

Gassan Doghlas, the official in charge of Israeli colony activities in the northern areas of the West Bank, told Gulf News that Israeli colonists acted in revenge.

He said that only four houses were evacuated in the Israeli outpost, where hundreds of colonists poured to the streets, throwing stones on vehicles with Arab registered plates.
He stressed that the problem was between the colonists and the Israeli Army but the colonists took their revenge from the Palestinian residents who avoided the streets sticking to their home towns and villages with even the taxis and public transportation between the cities were banned.

He stressed that the cities of Nablus, Tulkarem and Qalqilia were badly affected with the attacks of the Israeli colonists on the roads which connect the three cities with their villages. 

Doghlas warned about the increasing violence of the Israeli colonists in the city of Nablus, which ended up hot spot with daily attacks the colonists conduct in revenge.

The Israeli Public Radio reported on Monday that the Israeli Army approached the Jeffat Gilaad outpost near the village of Jeet, near Nablus to evacuate four illegal houses.

The Israeli colonists were aware of the army plans and gathered from around the West Bank in hundreds to prevent the army from the evacuation plans, where clashes erupted between the soldiers and the colonists. 

The radio said that the army used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the colonists where 15 of them were lightly injured and eight others were arrested. 

In a precautionary measure, the Israeli Army blocked the Jeet road, predicting that the colonists would act in revenge. 

The colonists, however, spread in other main roads connecting the northern cities of the West Bank, attacking all the Arab vehicles passing through.