At least 5 dead, 100s hurt in Friday Cairo protests: medics

00.30: Washington: A senior US general said the Egyptian army's chief of staff will depart Washington on Friday, cutting short a planned week-long visit amid rampaging protests in Egypt.

00.20: Egypt needs a period of transitional rule, new parliamentary elections and amendments to the constitution so a president can stand for only two six-year terms, the head of the opposition Wafd party said.

23.20: British Foreign Secretary William Hague Friday urged the Egyptian government to heed the "legitimate demands" of protestors to avoid further violence or "attempted revolution."

23.05: Egypt clarifies on curfew

Egypt's official MENA news agency on Friday withdrew its announcement that a curfew had been extended nationwide, while state television said it applied to Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.22.57: Television footage shows protestors looting chairs and furniture from the headquarters of NDP

22.55: At least 870 protesters injured on the day of rage, according to media estimates

22.50: Protestors climb military vehicles and ride with them in Cairo, according to Al Jazeera TV images.

22.47: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs says all its citizens in Egypt are safe

22.43: Intense gunfire in key government buildings in Cairo, reports Al Jazeera

22.41: UAE closely following developments in Egypt: Ministry

22.40: Egypt's national carrier says it has suspended its flights from Cairo for 12 hours.

22.36: Protestors storm Egyptian State TV building al arabiya reports

22.10: Military trying to convince protesters to disperse in Suez

20.57: Mubarak declares nationwide curfew

Cairo: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Friday extended a curfew to cover all 28 governorates in the country, state television announced at the end of a fourth day of nationwide protests.

He had earlier declared a curfew in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.

"Following the earlier decree... the commander of the armed forces has decided to extend the curfew to cover all governorates in the country," state television said.

The curfew was to run from 6:00 pm (1600 GMT) to 7:00 am (0500 GMT) until further notice.

The president "has asked the armed forces, in cooperation with the police, to implement the decision, and maintain security and secure public establishments and private property," it said.

21.50: Army and police clashing on the streets

Cairo: Al jazeera reports unconfirmed reports of Army and police clashing on the streets of Cairo

Protesters appear to be welcoming army on the streets in Cairo, reports add.

21.20: Mubarak address expected

Mubarak expected to address the nation soon, says Al Jazeera.

20.50: Restrain security forces: Clinton

Washington: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday urged the Egyptian government to "do everything in its power" to restrain the security forces who are battling protesters.

Hillary Clinton urged Egyptian authorities to allow peaceful protest. She asked Egytian authorities to initiate economic, social and political reforms. She also called for egypitan gov to lift communication ban.

20. 30: Protestors storm foreign ministry building

Cairo: Protestors have stormed foreign minister building, reports AP

20. 15: UN rights chief urges end to Egypt's emergency law

Geneva: The UN human rights chief on Friday urged Egypt to lift a 30 year-old emergency law suspending constitutional rights and granting wider powers of arrest, as a wave of protests engulfed the country.

"I believe the lifting of the emergency law is long overdue and it lies at the root of much of the frustration and anger that has now boiled over into the streets," High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said in a statement.

Pillay stressed the importance of accountability and the rule of law in creating a stable society, as she called on the government to exercise restraint.

"I call on the government to take concrete measures to guarantee the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression," including restoring the freedom to use mobile phones and social networks, she said.

Egypt cut mobile phone and Internet services on Friday, while riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse tens of thousands of people joining anti government protests after noon prayers.

Tanks seen on streets of Egypt city Suez

SUEZ, Egypt: Tanks arrived on the streets of the eastern Egyptian city of Suez on Friday night in front of the charred remains of a police station set alight the night before, a Reuters witness said.

Dozens of protesters climbed on the tanks, said the Reuters witness who saw at least five tanks. They tried to talk to soldiers who tried to wave them off. One tank had about 25 protesters on it, he said.