Demonstrators hold flags and banners during anti government protests in Algiers, Algeria April 23, 2019. The banner reads "Government go away - students take over". REUTERS/Ramzi Boudina Image Credit: REUTERS

Algiers: Algerians are massing for a 10th week of protests against their country’s ruling class, calling for the ex-president’s brother to be put on trial.

Friday’s protest took aim at Said Bouteflika, whose brother Abdul Aziz was Algeria’s president for two decades until swelling protests forced him to resign instead of seeking a fifth term.

A presidential election has been set for July 4 to choose the successor to Bouteflika, but protesters want his entire ruling entourage gone from power.

Said Bouteflika has been a particular focus of their anger, and protesters on Friday accused him of being the “leader of the gang.”

Three wealthy brothers believed close to Said were detained for questioning this week in investigation intended to respond to demands to root out widespread corruption.