191205 Nazih Aoun
Nazih Aoun Image Credit: Supplied

Beirut: A 56-year-old unemployed Lebanese man reportedly committed suicide on Thursday in his house in southern Lebanon due to his dire financial condition.

The former construction labourer, Nazih Aoun, was allegedly committed suicide, according to local media reports, in his home village of Tibnin, part of Nabatiyeh governorate.

Gulf News contacted Tibnin Municipality and spoke to an official named Hussain, who said: “Nazih Ali Aoun [the deceased] was found dead in his house. We cannot confirm it as a suicide yet. We informed Internal Security Forces [Lebanese police] who inspected the scene and called a forensic examiner to check the body and clarify the cause of death. It could be a normal death, suicide, heart attack or maybe murder … investigations are pending.

“Born on July 8, 1964, Aoun has four children who live in Germany. He has been poor and unemployed for over a year now. Last year he was selling vegetables on a small booth and previous to that he was a construction labourer.”

Aoun’s purported suicide is the third such incident in five days. On Wednesday, a man named Dany Abu Haidar shot himself with a hunting rifle over a 3 million Lebanese pound (Dh7,300) debt in Al Nabaa area. On Sunday, destitute Naji Al Fulaiti hanged himself over a 700,000 Lebanese pound debt and his inability to give his daughter 1,000 Lebanese pounds to buy flatbread in Arsal.

The medical examiner has now confirmed that a poisonous element led to the man's death. On October 17, Lebanese protestors launched nationwide street demonstrations against widespread political corruption and mismanagement.

Since the end of the civil war in 1990, Lebanon has not seen such street protests against poverty, hunger, unemployment, dire economic conditions and corrupt politicians.

The village of Tibnin is the hometown of Lebanese Speaker of the House and Head of Amal Movement Nabih Berri.