Marwan Al Atway said he finds joy in making others benefit from the products of his farm. Image Credit: Videograb

Cairo: A Saudi man has said he has allocated the products of his farm for free distribution in an act of benevolence.

The farm located in Tabuk in north-western Saudi Arabia produces fruits including oranges and figs.

Marwan Al Atway said he finds joy in making others benefit from the products of his farm.

He said that the idea started with offering water to passersby. Later, he has started giving away mint, thyme and basil.

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“As winter sets in, we have started allocating high-quality products of lemons, oranges, figs and tomatoes. This is offered for free, seeking contentment of Allah Almighty,” he told Saudi TV Al Ekhbariya.

He added that many people approached to support him, but he did not accept the offers. “I hope the joy I feel will also be felt by all people,” he said.

“I wish I could offer something bigger than this.”

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Al Atway, who is not a farmer by profession, has posted a sign encouraging would-be beneficiaries, reading: “This for Allah’s sake. Take what you need and don’t forget us in your prayers (to God).”

The free-of-charge service also provides a pair of scissors and bags for cutting the products and pack them for takeaways.

In recent months, Saudi media has carried reports about benevolence inside the kingdom.

Philanthropy usually peaks in Saudi Arabia during the annual Islamic Hajj pilgrimage season.

One benefactor is Abu Adel, a native of the Saudi city of Mecca, home to Islam’s holiest site.

For around 30 years, he has kept the tradition of serving cold drinks for free to Muslim pilgrims.

Usually situated on a sidewalk near the Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest site in Mecca, Abu Adel told Al Arabiya TV he serves the drinks daily during the Hajj season from noon until 1am. “This is a charity inherited from the father, the grandfather and benefactors,” he said.