During the suspicious bag probe. Image Credit: Al Marsad

Manama: A suspicious plastic bag found in an elementary girls’ school courtyard in the Saudi capital Riyadh outside a classroom at a Yuba City school has been deemed not explosive and a false alarm, the Riyadh police said.

The school in the eastern suburbs of the capital was evacuated on Monday after police patrols rushed to deal with the suspicious bag.

The police had been alerted by the school authorities after the watchman reported that a woman left hurriedly the premises with her two daughters, leaving behind the plastic bag, the spokesperson for the police said.

The woman who was allowed inside the school said that she wanted to register her two daughters, aged five and six, the watchman said.

Upon the evacuation of the school, the police investigated the bag and found that it was harmless and that it contained just adhesive tape, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Tuesday.

The police confirmed that the situation was normal and that everything was under control.

The school principal said that the suspicious bag and the anguish among staff and students prompted her to raise the alarm and contact the police.

She added that all the students were faring well and that she wanted the people to know the reality on the ground in order to ensure that facts are not distorted or exaggerated through false allegations and rumours.