20201221 syringe
Illustrative image Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: A nurse at a Riyadh medical college administered a 'shot' with an empty syringe to a Saudi man scheduled for a COVID-19 vaccine, health officials said. 

“This incident, which was filmed and posted on social media, took place a month ago by an Asian health practitioner in a private medical college in Riyadh and was suspended in time and the necessary health service was provided to the citizen according to the norms,” the Riyadh Health Department said in a statement.

The department confirmed that action was unacceptable and was not in line with the medical protocols approved by the Ministry of Health.

“The superiors of the practitioner have been addressed, and an urgent investigation has been opened and referred to the authorities to take the necessary legal action in accordance with the applicable regulations,” the statement said.

No harmful risks related to the syringe used were reported. The man has been called back to recieve the vaccine shot he originally went for.