Riyadh skyline, Saudi Arabia.
Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A court in Saudi Arabia is dealing with a bizarre case in which a Saudi businessman is accused of having paid a bribe of 4 million riyals (Dh3,917,133) to a prominent official.

The bribe was allegedly to place his own mother on a list of criminals funding terrorist activities.

According to Okaz newspaper, the man wanted to get rid of his mother by getting her jailed after a financial dispute broke out between them.

The son gave his mother a bank cheque of over 22 million riyals (19.6 million dollars) and she had started to ask him to fulfill his dues to her.

According to the report, the businessman, before bribing the official, used the official as a mediator to present a letter to competent authorities, in which he stated that his Saudi mother was financing a terrorist group.

The letter also stated that his mother was visiting the terrorist group abroad, and that she gave money to different people who would then transfer funds to the group in support of the party's activity.

The man identified his mother as a ‘danger to the country’ in the letter.

The newspaper quoted unnamed sources who said that the businessman admitted to submitting a communication against his mother to the competent authorities, but he denied offering a bribe in exchange for her arrest.

The official claimed that submitting the report against the mother was according to the information he obtained from the businessman. He [the official] said that he had fulfilled his national and legal duty, and that he was just a carrier of the letter and not its origin. He also said he was not paid and did not agree with the businessman to harm his mother.