Indian celebrities on hate speech and how to combat it
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Pexels

Cairo: Racial remarks are punishable under a new Saudi law by up to three years in prison and a fine of SR100,000, as the kingdom is introducing more reforms into its justice system, a lawyer has revealed.

“If the new penal system is approved, there will be an independent penalty against racism, hate speech and incitement to them, reaching three years in jail and a maximum fine of SR100,000,” lawyer and legal counsellor Nayaf Al Mansi told Saudi TV Al Ekhbariya.

He explained that using terms, implying racism such as “naturalised”, “black”, “slave” or “remains of pilgrims” in addressing others to underestimate them, can amount to a racial crime.

Saudi Arabia is expected to launch a new penal code criminalising racism, hate speech or any discriminatory act on grounds of race, colour, ethnicity or nationalism.