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Dubai: Fines ranging from SR10,000 to SR50,000 will be levied on whoever found guilty of trespassing public properties, such as unauthorised tapping of electricity from lighting poles, according to the Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing.

The move comes as part of a broader overhaul of penalties associated with various violations.

For establishments found hiking product prices beyond the guidelines set by the Minister of Commerce or other pertinent authorities, the penalty will encompass the disparity between the standard and retail price, plus additional fines ranging from SR5,000 to SR100,000.

Construction ventures commenced without the required permits are now subject to fines ranging between SR10,000 and SR50,000. In contrast, companies that initiate excavation processes without an endorsed consulting office can expect penalties between SR6,000 and SR30,000.

The revamped regulations will factor in classifications provided by the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at), mayoralties, and municipalities when settling on the fine amounts.

Moreover, the size of the establishment will influence the penalty rates. Specifically, micro-enterprises will incur 25 per cent of the designated fine, small businesses 50 per cent, medium enterprises 75 per cent, and large firms will be accountable for the entire fine.

Significant breaches, as defined by the updated norms, are those that potentially jeopardise human health and safety or the broader public.

Fines for less severe infractions will be contingent on the frequency and gravity of the violation.

The restructuring of these regulations chiefly aims to support and sustain small and medium enterprises, ensuring their viability in the market.