Prophets mosque saudi medina
Worshippers attend prayers at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. Image Credit: The General authority for Care of Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques

Cairo: As many as 5.8 million Muslims worshipped at the Prophet’s Mosque, Islam’s second holiest site, in the Saudi city of Medina in one week that coincided with a school break in the kingdom, official figures showed.

The General Authority for Care of the Prophet’s Mosque said the cited period ran from the 28th of the lunar Islamic months of Juamad II and the fourth of Rajab.

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The figures included 130,401 male worshippers and 115,551 females, who visited Al Rawda Al Sharifa, where the tomb of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is located at the mosque, according to separate visit timings allotted for males and females.

During the same week, some 123,200 packs of Zamzam water and 99,832 fast-breaking meals were distributed to the faithful in designated areas at the mosque, according to the state agency.

Moreover, exhibitions in the mosque annexe received 2,492 visitors eager to get acquainted with phases of the site’s expansions over the years.

After performing Umrah or minor pilgrimage at the Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest site, in Mecca, many pilgrims would flock to Medina to offer prayers at the Prophet’s Mosque and visit other Islamic landmarks in the city.

Saudi Arabia expects around 10 million Muslims from abroad to perform Umrah during the current season that began more than six months ago.

Saudi authorities in charge of the Prophet’s Mosque mobilised efforts to receive worshippers from across the kingdom during the school holiday that ended earlier this week.

The General Authority for Care of the Two Holy Mosques said it had intensified services including disinfection and cleaning works, management of crowds entering and exiting the mosque, and assistance to the physically challenged and elderly visitors.