An obese patient weighing 300kg has been transferred to a hospital for treatment in Saudi Arabia. Photo for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Agency

Cairo: A Saudi emergency team has transferred an obese patient weighing around 300kg to a hospital for treatment, according to a medical official.

The patient’s family had sought to transfer him from a private hospital to another in the capital Riyadh due to difficulties in mobility, Okaz newspaper reported.


In response to the request, a team from the Emergency, Disaster Management and Ambulatory Transport Directorate in the Riyadh Health Service was formed to handle the case.

The team along with a well-equipped ambulance for transporting overweight people were dispatched to carry the patient in coordination with the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Hospital in Riyadh.

“The case was successfully transported due to cooperation of the work team despite encountering some difficulties,” Fahd Al Qahtani, the manager of the Emergency, Disasters and Ambulatory Transport Department in Riyadh, said without giving details. Neither the nationality nor age of the patient was given.

Last week, Abdullah Al Sadoun, a member at Saudi Arabia’s advisory Shura Council, proposed weighing visitors to outpoint clinics in the kingdom to detect obesity-related diseases.

“It sounds an early alarm. Some people do not feel they have become overweight until it is too late and after suffering diseases resulting from obesity,” he told Saudi news port Ajel.

The Saudi Health Council, a state agency, has recently cited a link between obesity and the coronavirus infection, with obese people being susceptible to COVID-19 by 47 per cent compared to others.