200928 attack
The window smashed during the attack. Image Credit: Okaz

Abu Dhabi: A groom’s brother was attacked with a machete while he was leaving the wedding reception in Abraq Al Raghama, east of Jeddah, local media reported.

The victim said he was going to his car after attending the party and noticed the perpetrator leaving his house carrying a machete and some tools, Okaz reported.

“I thought he might be trying to fix his car, but he approached me in a surprise attack, trying to hit me with a machete, but I managed to escape from the mysterious attacker,” the victim told the police.

The groom’s brother’s plight did not end there. He was taken unawares by the hysterical attacker smashing his rear window and damaging his car tyres of his car.

“I had no choice but to flee, but the mysterious attacker chased and beat me,” the groom’s brother said.

It was not immediately known the motives of the attacker or his mental health condition.