Stock Saudi Riyadh skyline
A view shows buildings and houses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: Saudi police have arrested a five-member gang who allegedly stole a number of brand-new lease cars, dismantled them and sold their parts, police said.

Major Khaled Al Kreidis, assistant media spokesman for the Riyadh police, said officers who stormed a house in western Riyadh overpowered the gang, made up of a Saudi citizen, a Syrian resident and three Yemenis, aged between 30s and 50s.

“The gang’s main line of business was to steel brand-new lease vehicle, ending with ownership, dismantle them and sell their parts,” Major Al Kreidis explained.

He added a number of vehicles and car parts were seized at the gang’s den.

The men were referred to prosecution pending further investigation and trial, police said.