Image Credit: IANS

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia is leading the world in the speeds and coverage of 5G services, according to British company Opensignal.

A report assessed user experience by taking into account average 5G and 4G download speeds as well as time spent connected to each technology.

It covered three aspects, which were all led by the Kingdom, namely: 5G speed, general speed for the 4G and 5G technologies and 5G coverage. The average download speed of the 5G in the Kingdom exceeded 414.2 Mbit/s, beating second place (South Korea) by 32 per cent.

In addition, the Kingdom topped the general speeds with an average download speed of 144.5 Mbps, which exceeded second place Canada by 60 per cent.

So 5G users in Saudi Arabia are best advised to sign up to the new technology. For 5G users in the UK and US, not so much, according to the statistics and analysis collected between May 16 and August 14.

South Korea and Taiwan came second and third with Netherlands and Switzerland in 4th and 5th and Australia and Hong Kong in 6th and 7th.

Germany came in the 8th ranking, followed by Kuwait and USA in the 9th and 10th places, respectively. The UK was ranked 12th and last.

Opensignal found that, on average, UK 5G downstream speeds came in at 133.5 Mbit/s, more than five times faster than the 4G speed.

But in the US, the average 5G downstream speed was just 50.9 Mbit/s, and that’s only 1.8 times better than the average 4G speed.