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Abu Dhabi: The Saudi Arabia Criminal Court has sentenced two Saudis to death after they were found guilty of adopting the takfiri approach (labeling other people as infidels), calling their mother kafir (Arabic for nonbeliever), and killing her, local media reported.

The court also convicted the men, known as the Daesh twins, with attempting to kill their father and brother with machetes, according to court records.

“The men adopted the takfiri approach that contradicts the Qur’an and Sunnah and the consensus of the Muslim nation’s preachers, by labeling the rulers, scholars, security men, their family members, as infidels,” the court said.

It added they legitimised killing people and murdered their mother. “They lured her into one of the rooms in their house, and the second defendant grabbed her firmly from behind, put his left hand on her mouth so that her screaming was not heard, and the first defendant stabbed her several times in separate places on her body, until she fell to the ground, then his brother, the second defendant, slit her throat.”

The duo also labelled their brother an unbeliever and attempted to kill him. They dealt a number of blows to him on his head and arms with machetes, but he managed to escape.

The Daesh men called their father infidel and proceeded to attack him with several blows with a machete on his head and arms with the intent to murder him, according to court records.

“The duo robbed two cars on a highway in broad daylight and used them to escape after they committed their crimes,” the court said.