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Saudis carry the national flag to commemorate the 89th national day. Image Credit: SPA

Riyadh: Saudis are celebrating the 89th anniversary of their National Day amid a surge of patriotic songs.

Many Saudis have appeared on the streets carrying the national flag and wearing green-coloured attire, the dominating colour of the flag.

Others have worn shirts displaying the picture of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

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Boys display Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's image on their t-shirts. Image Credit: SPA

The National Day marks the foundation of the monarchy by King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud.

Saudi national day boy
A boy celebrates Saudi National Day in his classroom Image Credit: Twitter

School children have also taken the day to celebrate by decorating their classrooms and singing patriotic songs.

Celebrations have also featured an air force parade in the eastern province of Al Khubar, sparking enthusiasm among the onlookers who chanted patriotic slogans in response.

Over the past weeks, the kingdom has also seen big-name concerts, firework displays and folklore festivals organised by the General Entertainment Authority to mark the anniversary.

The event is celebrated this under the motto “Zeal until Reaching the Peak,” inspired by an address that Prince Mohammed gave last year emphasising Saudis ‘resilience.

Saudi National Day girl
A Saudi girl celebrates national day. Image Credit: Twitter

Banners carrying the slogan have decorated main roads in Saudi Arabia marking the National Day.

This year’s occasion comes more than a week after an attack on vital Saudi oil installations.

Saudi Arabia and the US have accused Iran of being behind the attack and vowed a response.