Turkish Man
A screengrab from the video of the Turkish man verbally abusing an Arab family. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A video of a Turkish man verbally attacking Arab tourists has made the rounds on social media.

In the video, the man is seen cornering an Arab family, whose exact nationality has not been verified, in an elevator.

The man yells at the family in Turkish, prompting one of the children to cry.

The father of the children pleads with the man to calm down, saying “please, there are kids here.”

Gulf News could not verify the language in the video was suitable for viewers, so a link to the video was not be embedded in this story.

Many Saudis shared the video on social media, encouraging fellow citizens to boycott traveling to Turkey.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia do not have good ties.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, accuse Ankara of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, backing extremists and seeking to meddle in Arab countries’ domestic affairs.