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The Zamzam water dispensing robot can distribute 30 bottles in one round. Image Credit: SPA

Dubai: Over 40 million bottles of Zamzam water have been distributed daily to pilgrims at the holy sites during the Hajj season, thanks to the well-organised crowd management at various sites.

The efficient coordination has significantly eased the movement of pilgrims, allowing them to perform their rituals smoothly and reassuringly.

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The logistical achievements extend beyond water distribution, with the Jamarat facility handling the arrival of over 20,000 buses and 6,000 trips coordinated by more than 60,000 drivers and guides from 72 companies dedicated to the Hajj operation.

Additionally, 300 contractors played a key role, ensuring that more than 9 million meals were provided daily to support the pilgrims throughout their spiritual journey.

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According to the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) in Saudi Arabia, this year’s Hajj saw a total of 1,833,164 pilgrims, with 1,611,310 coming from outside the Kingdom.

The demographic breakdown revealed 958,137 male pilgrims and 875,027 female pilgrims participating in the pilgrimage.

The international contingent predominantly consisted of 63.3 per cent from non-Arab Asian countries, 22.3 per cent from Arab countries, 11.3 per cent from non-Arab African countries, and the remaining from Europe, America, Australia, and other regions.

The vast majority of these international pilgrims, totalling 1,546,345, arrived by air, with others traveling through land border crossings and by sea.