The unexpected showers were met with joy and gratitude by the pilgrims. Image Credit: @SPAregions/X

Dubai: As Muslims from around the world gathered in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj under the scorching sun, unexpected rains brought relief and blessings on the first day of Tashreeq.

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The holy site of Mina experienced rainfall, coinciding with the ritual of throwing stones at the Jamarat, a significant act performed in emulation of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The unexpected showers were met with joy and gratitude by the pilgrims, who could not hide their happiness as they carried out their sacred duties.

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Many were seen enjoying the cooling rain, with some extending their arms skyward and others praying earnestly under the downpour. The rain, seen as a sign of divine blessing during the intense ritual of Hajj, added a layer of spiritual significance and refreshment to their journey.

Videos capturing heavy rainfall at the Grand Mosque went viral, portraying scenes of pilgrims continuing their rituals amidst the downpour. This occurred on the second day of Eid Al Adha, marking the start of Tashreeq.

Pilgrims in Mina engaged in the symbolic act of pelting pebbles at three pillars, progressing from Jamarat Al Oula (the small pillar), through Jamarat Al Wusta (the middle pillar), to Jamarat Al Aqaba (the large pillar).

To manage the crowd and ensure the safety of the pilgrims, multiple pathways were designated across various floors of the Jamarat facility. The National Center for Meteorology had forecast partly cloudy weather for Mecca and Mina, which likely contributed to the cooler conditions.

The unexpected rainfall on such a crucial day of the Hajj has been welcomed by pilgrims and officials alike, providing a respite from the intense heat that had peaked at 47 degrees Celsius in the central area of the sanctuary just the day before, according to Hussein Al Qahtani, official spokesman of the National Center of Meteorology.